Guardians of the Injured

Since 1990, WorkStar has been Hawaii’s Guardian of the Injured. Our mission is to effectively treat Hawaii’s injured workers, auto accident victims and patients suffering from chronic pain with the utmost care and compassion. We champion innovative conservative treatments to help patients return to optimal function and a fulfilling life.

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We are ready to serve you at our 2 state of the art facilities in Kapolei and Honolulu.

We offer a broad range of comprehensive, conservative and minimally invasive procedures to help you get back to the game of life.

Are you ready to feel better?

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What Our Patients Say

Thank you so much for all you have done for me. You have been a blessing and inspiration to me to continue to press on and be all I can be with your help! God Bless You. - Aloha

Madeline Mendes

Whenever I come you guys treat me like I'm at home! Thank you!

Toa L.

Thank you for all your support. When life's really difficult it helps to have people like you to lean on. You are all so wonderful.


The people at Workstar™ are a group that really care about people. They really show how much they care with accurate and prompt paperwork and support to my family.

Lawrence U.

Mahalo for all the care over the years. Your care, that you give to us, is unmatched. Your positive attitude, you share with us, helps to keep us upbeat as we recover. Mahalo for giving so much to all and please know we all appreciate.

M.L. Kapolei, HI

Keep it up! Thank you so much!

Brigida C.

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Hey WorkStar! I am extremely impressed and satisfied with the level of knowledge, compassion, patience and time that your professional team of health care providers spent with me. I fell at work and injured my lower back. Your expertise in pain management and comprehensive physical rehabilitation helped me accomplish my goal of getting back to work and earning a living for me and my family. God bless.

Robert P., Waipahu, HI

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Thank you and your staff for a willingness to assist my employees and my company with immediate response to work related injuries. Your personal knowledge and experience has been timely and to say the least refreshing in an industry with so much inefficiency and arrogance.

Ap P., HyGrade Electric Co. Ltd.

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Thank you for all your patience and understanding towards my healthcare. I’m doing my best to recover as soon as possible. With this pain, I’ve had to ice my neck, head and arm a lot. You all do good work at WorkStar, helping so many people. Thank you for your concern and passion! Appreciation and Love.

Melanie D.

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