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Established in 1990, WorkStar’s mission is to utilize its expertise to effectively treat Hawaii’s injured workers and auto accident victims, returning each patient to an active, productive life.

A leader in providing comprehensive diagnoses & tools for injury recovery from work or auto accidents in Hawaii. WorkStar offers a broad range of complementary & alternative medicine as well as interventional spine & sports medicine.

A leader in providing comprehensive diagnoses & tools for injury recovery from work or auto accidents in Hawaii. We offer a broad range of complementary & alternative medicine as well as interventional spine & sports medicine.

With over 20 years of industrial injury experience, 25,000 closed claims and a 95% “Excellence Rating” WorkStar assists employers & insurance carriers in the management of workers’ compensation injury & costs.


WorkStar Injury Recovery Center is conveniently located in Leeward Oahu at The Queen’s Medical Center - West O`ahu



Injured At Work?

A leader in providing comprehensive diagnoses & tools for injury recovery from work or auto accidents in Hawaii. We offer a broad range of complimentary & alternative medicine as well as interventional spine & sports medicine.
Whether you were injured on the job, or on the road, or playing your favorite sport, we are here to help in your recovery .
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Sports Injury

Sports Injuries

No matter how careful you are or shape you might be in, injuries happen. When they do, if swelling and pain persists don't wait, seek medical attention. Here are some simple tips for staying injury free and what to do should you get hurt. Here at Workstar, we have been treating Hawaii's sports enthusiast since 1990, helping people get back to what they enjoy doing.
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Auto Injury

Auto Injury

Here on our busy Honolulu roads accidents happen, but if they do, our auto injury doctors are skilled with treating your injury due to an auto accident. The key to recovery from trauma is to understand what happens during an injury and why the patient has the symptoms he or she is experiencing, that's why we work with you to help you understand your injuries whether auto, sports or work related.
Injury Treatment Testimonials

Injuries Are Unexpected

How you are cared for shouldn't be!  The WorkStar Injury Recovery Center provides specialized care for those injured at work, play or on the highway.  State of the art conservative care methods and techniques are utilized to restore patients to pre-injury status.  Your care is our top priority. See what our patients have to say...

Congratulations to Dr. Scott McCaffrey who has been selected as the Arthritis Foundations 2017-2018 Medical Honoree.

Dr. McCaffrey

A Boulder, Colorado native who practiced Emergency Medicine for over fifteen years, Dr. McCaffrey moved to Hawaii and  founded the Work*Star Injury Recovery Center in 1990 at Queens Medical Center West in Leeward Oahu. Shortly thereafter upon extensive research he developed the Aquatherapy Center at PT Hawaii-Waipahu.  His concepts have evolved into a multiple location,  integrative rehabilitation program which address the needs of patients with acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries and rheumatological disorders.

A strong advocate of water based care, Dr. McCaffrey has been a pioneer in aquatic therapy through devolepment of a 100,000 gallon indoor, solar heated, salt water pool facility in leeward Oahu.  By reducing gravity through buoyancy, this approach has proven especially effective in people with spinal injuries,  multiple regional trauma disorders and multiple joint arthritic dysfunction.

Now, in its twenty-seventh year of operation, Work*Star and PT Hawaii have successfully treated over 40,000 patients covering a broad spectrum of injuries that occur at work, play, home, or on the hightway.  The organizations have been recognized as innovators and leaders in the field of patient-centered rehabilition.

Dr. McCaffrey is  known for his patient advocacy and adherence to the time honored medical values of the Hippocratic Oath.  He has served as president of the Honolulu County Medical Society, the Hawaii Medical Association, the Hawaii Injured Worker Alliance and the Work Injury Medical Association.

Top Ten Work Injuries

Nobody expects to be injured on the job. In fact, many employers dedicate a large portion of their budget to educating employees on safe practices, in addition to re-vamping facilities to meet safety codes.

Unfortunately, accidents do happen. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 1.1 million injuries happened in the workplace in 2011, with an average recuperation time of eight days.

Top 10 Most Common Workplace Injuries 

  1. Overexertion – This includes injuries related to pulling, lifting, pushing, holding, carrying, and throwing activities at work. Overexertion has consistently been a number one workplace injury among the surveys and statistics.

  2. Fall on Same Level Surfaces – This pertains to falls on wet and slippery office floors. Other related examples are falls and slips especially by elderly people on snow covered pathways on their way to work.
  3. Fall to Lower Level – This type of fall happens from an elevated area such as roofs, ladders, and stairways.
  4. Bodily Reaction – These are injuries caused by slipping and tripping without falling.
  5. Struck by Object – Objects that fall from shelves or dropped by another person. These can cause very serious injuries.
  6. Struck against an Object – This happens when a person accidentally runs into concrete objects such as walls, doors, cabinets, glass windows, table, chairs etc.
  7. Highway Incident – Transportation used for business purposes such as trucks and cars may be involved in an automobile accident just like any regular traveler.
  8. Caught In/ Compressed By – This type of injury usually occurs in a factory where large and dangerous machinery is used. Sometimes little or no precaution in its usage may endanger the safety of its operators. Exposure to extreme temperature is also an example of this workplace injury.
  9. Repetitive Motion – This type of workplace injury is one of those less obvious but definitely harmful ones in the long run. Repetitive motions such as typing and using the computer 24/7 can strain muscles and tendons causing back pain, vision problems, and carpal tunnel syndrome.
  10. Assaults and Violent Acts – Attacks caused by office politics and other arguments have led to serious physical injuries.

Careful planning of the office or work area from the location of the equipment, tables and chairs, and also warning signs for other dangerous equipment. Using engineering control systems, work materials can minimize awkward positions, strenuous handling, and repetitive motion problems. Manuals on the proper use of work tools should be regularly updated and enforced to the employees. It is also best if the management can include a wellness plan that incorporates fitness and exercise programs to avoid overexertion. Finally, employees should realize that being extra careful will definitely go a long way. Preventing work injuries will always be a two way street for both employers and employees.  CompSource can help identify and successfully launch programs and policies that work best for your company.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the 10 most common citations for safety violations in fiscal year 2011 were:

  1. Fall protection (7139 violations)
  2. Scaffolding (7069 violations)
  3. Hazard communication (6538 violations)
  4. Respiratory protection (3944 violations)
  5. Lockout/tagout (3,639 violations)
  6. Electrical, wiring methods (3584 violations)
  7. Powered industrial trucks (3432 violations)
  8. Ladders (3244 violations)
  9. Electrical, general requirements (2863 violations)
  10. Machine guarding (2728 violations)

Source:  CompSource


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