Patients With Industrial Injuries

If you have not already done so, report your injury as soon as possible to your supervisor or your company's workers' compensation coordinator. If more than 24 hours have elapsed from the time of injury, we advise that you report your injury in writing as well as verbally with a copy retained for your records. List any witnesses to the incident in addition to exactly where, when, and how it happened.

Your Workstar™ physician will be designing a treatment program which will include follow-up doctor's office visits and possibly appointments for rehabilitative care. It is imperative that all scheduled appointments be attended since compliance and attendance are monitored by both your employer and your Workers' Compensation Insurance Carrier.

If your physician has placed you on modified or "light" duty, be sure your work restriction profile (doctor's slip) is presented to your direct supervisor prior to returning to work. If you find that your assigned duties fall outside of the work restriction slip and/or you feel that your injury is at risk for aggravation, notify your supervisor as such. If, after notifying your supervisor, there is still an apparent threat of re-injury or aggravation, report immediately to your Workstar™ doctor's office.

If you should notice any worsening of your condition that is not part of your treatment expectations, call your doctor's office or report for re-evaluation. Do not continue the activity that causes progressively worsening pain.

Follow your doctor's orders and advice exactly. If there is any significant negative change in your status, call Workstar™ or walk in during business hours, otherwise use the Emergency Room at Queen’s Medical Center – West. The emergency room physician will contact your Workstar™ physician if needed for consultation regarding your case.

Any letters or notifications you receive from your insurance company or the State Department of Labor should be shown to your doctor at your next visit.

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